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  • Do I  pay for the days pre-school is closed for holidays and breaks?

No, when we calculate your yearly tuition we take all the holidays out and then prorate the tuition in 9 payments.

  • If my child will be absent, does she or he can have a make up day?

If we have space, will be more than happy to accommodate your child.

  • What's the minimum age to enter Pre-school?

2 years old

  • May I try pre-school for a month to see if my child adapts?

Due to our super low ratios, we required 8 weeks notice for withdrawal. However, you can try for one month only by paying all the fees required plus an extra fee of $100. If you decide to leave your child enroll you'll get a $100 credit for the next month.

  • Does my child needs to be potty trained to start?

Absolutely not!

  • Parents need to provide food?

Yes, each child need to bring a lunch box with a snack, lunch, and a bottle of water.

  • How much time do children spend outdoors?
    Since children benefit tremendously from fresh air, exercise, and gross motor play, the preschoolers play outdoors each day, during all seasons, except in the case of extreme temperatures. We look at the outdoors as an extension of our classrooms.  


  • How do you discipline the children?                                                                                                                                                                               We view mistakes as learning opportunities and young children are expected to make mistakes. Children make choices and are responsible for their decisions. We address situations as they arise and on an individual basis. Our goal is to help the children develop self-control and make positive choices for the right reasons.  


  • Is there any discount for siblings?

No, since we are a small school at the moment we do not provide any discounts.

  • Do you provide drop off days? If so what's the rate?

If your child already attends our school and you need to add an extra day occasionally we can do this only if ratio permits it.

Call our office and we let you know, the daily rate is $45.

  • Can my child and I come for a visit?                                                                                                                                                                             

 Yes! Please call our office to schedule a classroom visit. Classroom visits typically last about 10-15 minutes. You'll have the opportunity to see the classroom in action and staff actively involved with children. The child who may be attending the class may visit with the parent however it's difficult to accommodate additional siblings. Parents are also welcome to attend our New Pre-K Parent Night Open Houses that happen just prior to our New Family Registration period.

If you'll like to try for one full day, you are more than welcome to drop your child and pay the daily fee of $45.